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Dr Moimett is a professional herbalist with a experience  in treating the whole range of health complaints suffered by the people in Kenya in both a hospital setting and in private practice. 

Dr Moimett has developed a wide range of natural, effective and affordable herbal preparations that have treated and cured 
• Cancer 
• Asthma 
• Blood pressure 
• Impotence 
• Diabetes 
• Fibroids 
• Detoxification
• Other chronic diseases 

Founder and Director of Koibatek herbal clinic, an alternative remedies clinic that is licensed under the Ministry of National Heritage and culture in Kenya .He operates three branches of the clinic in Eldoret, Eldama Ravine and Kericho we also have mobile clinics all over the country attaining a high rate of clinical success among the patients. Koibatek Herbal Clinic treats the underlying cause of the problem as well as the symptoms and have experience in treating a wide range of conditions. We believe that this approach gets the best results. He provides high quality health practitioner-only health products on my website ( . Dr Moimett is frequently contacted by health journalists for expert comment and endorsement.

Dr Moimett is an Active member of NATHEPA a natural health organization in Kenya. 
In 2002 Kenyatta University did a research on some his herbal remedies and found that he had the best herbal remedies to treat 
• Tumors 
• Impotence and misconception

Dr Moimett has worked with some of the best athletes in the world in Natural modalities including body massages, lifestyle changes, prevention and treatment of diseases, detoxification and nutritional therapies and this has enabled them to leap to greater heights in their careers and to win more Medals.

Dr Moimett now offers, for our international clients, full personal consultations online. This process involves your submitting the answers to a detailed questionnaire and then giving further information on your own particular health, medical history, nervous system, and metabolic indicators. The multiple choice questionnaire provides an immediate breakdown of the four main areas influencing your health and details the steps you can take right now, to start your healing 
Our rapidly growing list of regular clients, around the world, attest to the success of this personal approach and this service is unique and unmatched, anywhere.

Dr Moimett also exports Herbal Medicines to Bahrain, The greater East Africa, Qatar, United States, United Kingdom, Chile, and other countries 

Dr Moimett is also family man with one wife and four children, two girls and two boys


Victoria court
1st floor Room 4        
DR.Tanui 0710-538 179  
DR Moimett: 0720 364 996


Corner House
1st Floor Nandi street
Dr Moimett - 0720 364 996
Dr.Irene Jelagat - 0720 288 805

Tealand plaza
1st floor Block B1
DR Moimett  0720364996       
DR  JANET    0711976911

OFFICE LOCATION:Karimi house 2nd floor Moi Avenue
PHONE:DR. ENOCK- 0726-995464  

OFFICE LOCATION: Behind Koibatek Hotel
OFFICER IN CHARGE: Dorine   Mutai     
CONTACT:   0710-386 576


opp farmers hotel
CONTACT: Dr.CARO 0703-117643

OPP Delta supermarket
CONTACTS:BETTY- 0713-135380

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