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Eating traditional foods means eating foods the way humans have eaten for thousands of years, eating foods that were around before foods were made in factories or heavily refined. It means eating healthy, natural animal and vegetable products.
The cause of many chronic health problems is our modern diet and a return to traditional foods can improve one's well-being.a return to a traditional diet can help you reduce your risk of heart attack by 50 percent; fight allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis, skin problems, and headaches; recover from colds and flu in a day or two; and increase your life-expectancy

The human species has become far more delicate today. I see far too many adults and our future leaders - the precious children - faced with troubling wellness challenges of all degrees. The list of these challenges seems to be growing way too fast. Physical and mental disorders are far too common in today's civilization.

Foods to avoid

1. Refined sugar.

Cancer feeds off of sugar in the blood stream. Given this information, it makes sense to keep your blood sugar levels at a reasonable point, rather than eating sugary foods that elevate them. Not only will this cut a source from cancer cells, but it will allow your overall health and immune system to function more effectively.

2. Refined or simple carbohydrates.

Foods made from refined carbohydrates, like white flour, turn to sugar in your system. For the same reason that we cut refined sugar from our diets, we should reduce our intake of simple carbohydrates.

3. Hydrogenated oils, Trans Fats, and Acrylamides.

Hydrogenated oils, with trans fats, are used because of their prolonged shelf life. Hydrogenated oils are made by heating oils with other elements and in a way that replaces healthy fatty acids with trans fats. Not only are these types of fat dangerous for the function of your heart, but they produce the perfect environment for the development of cancer. Acrylamides are fats that are created during the process of frying food. They have been shown to cause cancer in rats.

4. Sodium Nitrite.

This chemical is added to foods as a preservative. It accounts for the pink color of meat and is used in pickled and smoked foods, as well as beer and cheese. The problem with sodium nitrite is that it is converted into a carcinogen called nitrosamine in the digestive process.

5. Processed Meats.

Sodium nitrites are found in processed meat such as bacon, hot dogs, and other processed meats.

6. Fried sweets (doughnuts, elephant ears).

The combination of hydrogenated oils, refined flour and sugar, and the frying process which produces acrylamides causes fried, sweet food to be potential cancer causing disasters

7. Fried potatoes.

French fries are usually fried in hydrogenated oil and contain simple carbohydrates that rapidly change to sugar in your blood stream

8. Chips.

Not all chips are ‘bad’, but many are fried and contain trans fats, sugar, and simple carbohydrates.

9. Crackers.

Look for or make your own whole grain, baked crackers without harmful preservatives as opposed to those with trans fats, sugar, and simple carbohydrates.

10. Soda.

If you are looking for a way to quickly put sugar and chemicals into your blood stream, look no further than a bottle of soda.

By eliminating cancer causing foods from your diet, you put yourself one step ahead in warding off the disease. If colon cancer, or breast cancer runs in your family, go beyond the traditional health screening and provide your body with the nutrition it needs to fight cancer, without the foods that promote it.


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