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Arthritis includes swelling of joints along with breaking of cartilages. The function of cartilage is to protect the joints and enable smooth working of the joints. The basic property of cartilage is to absorb shocks when pressure is applied during simple activities such as walking etc. Absence of these can lead to various problems like stiffness,pain and swelling when bones rub together.

What are the causes, incidence and risk factors of arthritis?

There are many types of arthritis including those related to wear and tear of cartilage or
connected with inflammation due to over active immune system.

The causes of Arthritis can be:
Broken bones or wear and tear of joints
Infection caused by viruses or bacteria.
It can also be due to an auto immune disease

Symptoms of arthritis-Disease?

The symptoms of arthritis include:
Bone joint swelling and pain.
Sitffness in the joint, particularly experienced in the morning.
Redness of the skin along with warmth around a bone joint.
Lessened flexibility in movement of bone joint

Diagnosis & Tests

A methodical physical examination is carried out and the fluid around the joint is collected and examined. Though, different types of arthritis may require different examinations to be carried out.


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