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What is Acidity?

Acidity or heat burn happens due to formation of additional acid in the stomach that irritates the gastrointestinal covering. Acid is secreted by the stomach to aid in digestion process as it helps in decomposing food during digestion .It leads to a burning sensation if it is secreted in excess and condition caused due to this as a result of excess production from gastric glands is known as Acidity.

What are the causes, incidence and risk factors of Acidity?

This excessive production of acid is a result of following things
1.Eating food that is very spicy and rich in nature.
2.Improper chewing and eating in a quick manner
3.It could also be a result of unhealthy sleep patterns
4.Alcohol intake or smoking
5.Pregnancy can also be one of the reasons as the growing baby exerts pressure on digestive tract.
6.Obesity also leads to acidity as it puts a lot of pressure on the digestive system.

What are the symptoms of Acidity-Disease?

The symptom experienced by a person is that of burning sensation accompanied by pain in the upper abdomen area. It can also give a feeling of nausea or indigestion.

Diagnosis & Tests

Diagnosis is made on the basis of
1. history of drug allergies, history of family members suffering from ulcers.
2.Personal habits that include smoking and drinking
3.Analysis and assessment of stress factors
4.Lastly presence of ulcers are detected with the help of upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


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