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Koibatek Herbal clinic has distinguished itself in the counseling, prevention,treatment and consultancy in various ailment through researched herbal remedies. with ambitious mission: To exceed customer expectation through genuine quality health care, innovative services and positive operation outcomes , the clinic has expanded to realise the global demand for herbal products.

Established in 1998 koibatek Herbal clinic has since offered services and products to the regional and international market and has achieved overwhelming results. It was founded by Dr shadrack Moimett who has been engaged in herbal practice for more than 30 years .


To exceed customer expectations through genuine quality health care, innovative services and positive operational outcomes.


To be a Natural Health Referral facility that preserves the Human Race against the so-called untreatable diseases

Our Clinic has achieved tremendous growth realizing the global demand for herbal products.

We have since then offered our services and products to the regional and international market and as expected the results have been overwhelming. 




Dr Shadrack Moimett


Message from Dr Irene Maru
"I take this opportunity to welcome you to our website I have worked in herbal medicine and since I joined Koibatek herbal clinic, I Have seen people getting treated and recovering from the so-called incurable diseases like cancer and diabetes we urge you to try our remedies and we assure you that We treat but God heals "


Koibatek herbal Clinic specializes in treatment and cure of Cancer.


Victoria court
1st floor Room 4        
DR.Tanui 0710-538 179  
DR Moimett: 0720 364 996


Corner House
1st Floor Nandi street
Dr Moimett - 0720 364 996
Dr.Irene Jelagat - 0720 288 805

Tealand plaza
1st floor Block B1
DR Moimett  0720364996       
DR  JANET    0711976911

OFFICE LOCATION:Karimi house 2nd floor Moi Avenue
PHONE:DR. ENOCK- 0726-995464  

OFFICE LOCATION: Behind Koibatek Hotel
OFFICER IN CHARGE: Dorine   Mutai     
CONTACT:   0710-386 576


opp farmers hotel
CONTACT: Dr.CARO 0703-117643

OPP Delta supermarket
CONTACTS:BETTY- 0713-135380

Why Koibetek Herbal

Choosing a healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. Someone willing to treat you as a person, not just a patient


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0720 364 996

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